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“A Defining Leader in my Life”

April 5, 2013

There are few people in my life that I can say have shaped me into the man that I am, but Father Greg is by far one of the most influential. His kind yet strong leadership and his conviction in the Gospel have ignited my faith and, I can confidently say, the faith of most students who walk through the doors of the Newman Center. Whether it be casual conversations over beer about Catholic doctrine or deep philosophical discussions, Father Greg truly seeks the best in everyone. I started my journey of Faith here at GW and Father Greg has helped to fill it with purpose.

But it is not just his strong leadership that makes Father Greg stand out, it is his humble and relatable personality. As a student previously completely disconnected from my faith, the conversations I had (and continue to have) with Father Greg helped me not only understand my Faith, but they also encouraged me to grow in becoming a man of Christ. I am not even close to finishing my journey of faith, but Father Greg is like a crutch in helping me along the way.

Father, you are an amazing person and you have touched the lives of so many people on this campus and in this community. I know that your work is difficult and that discrimination and persecution come with the assignment you have, but there is no better person to represent Christ on this campus than you. Know that no matter how mentally and emotionally tolling this vocation is, you will always have the love and support of your community here at GW. I cannot even begin to explain the impact you have had on my life and I am indebted to you for all that you have done. You showed me how to live and how to love in the footsteps of Christ. Father, quoting the Book of Matthew 5:14 “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” Your light has been a beacon to me and others. In this storm and those in the future let it be a beacon for many to come.


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