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“Fr. Greg helped me in more ways than I can count.”

April 5, 2013
The first time I met Father Greg, I thought he was way too cool for me. I was a scared little freshmen, recently converted to Catholicsm, and here was this short little holy dude who made weird faces and constantly talked about sports.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I started going to student masses, but I soon learned that I loved his homilies. They were informative about Catholic teaching, relevant to my life, and short enough to hold my attention (most of the time). I kept going to masses, even as my faith started to deteriorate and the pressures of freshmen year overwhelmed me.
One Sunday that winter, Father Greg shook my hand at mass and commented “you were fidgety today, huh?” It sounds weird, but this one little question served as a huge wake up call for me. I was offended at first but then I realized that not only had I actually been fidgeting through the entire mass (playing with my zipper, splitting my ends, etc) but that I hadn’t been paying attention to my faith life at all. My relationship with God, which had become so important to me in high school, was basically being ignored in college. Shortly after that Sunday I met Fr. Greg for confession and became recommitted to my faith.
Since that Sunday three year ago, Fr. Greg has helped me in more ways than I can count. He’s become a close friend, mentor, and spiritual guide. I’ve never felt like there was a subject I couldn’t talk about with him, from my struggles with sobriety to my relationships with my family to questions about the Church. He’s helped me to be confident enough to lead bible studies on campus and share my faith with others. Even when we’re just hanging out and making fun of each other, his love for Christ and his devotion to the Church are radiant and contagious. I thought he was too cool for me when I first met him (don’t worry guys, he’s actually pretty awkward) but I’ve since realized he is one of the most humble and inspirational people I know. He was called The Man in college for a reason.

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