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Future Seminarian Thanks Father Greg

April 5, 2013

My entire freshman year has gone by in a blur, but in a good way. It’s been a great experience, filled with joy and an ever-growing love for the Lord. I am indebted to Father Greg for leading me to the Lord. He has given so much of his time to me, and guided me through an incredible experience of Christ’s love. Father Greg has always been there for me. He’s given up many late nights to meet with me, often talking past midnight despite all of the work he has. At a time when I was struggling with a personal issue, he gave his entire evening to me to help me through it.

On top of it all, we just have fun. He’s so accessible, not just to myself, but to every student. It’s amazing how welcoming he is, especially to newcomers at the Newman Center. We constantly share laughs as we do voices that we’ve perfected and I just smile thinking of some of the great moments I have been blessed to share with him. He has led me to find my true happiness in the Lord, and after a year at GW, I’ve decided to transfer to Seminary to enter into formation for the Catholic priesthood in the Archdiocese of Washington. God willing I am ordained a priest, I could not imagine a better man to share in the fraternity of the priesthood with. I am confident Father Greg would guide me along the way, just as he has to his point, and I know he would always be there for me. I have gained great trust in him, because that is what his character brings all of us frequent the Newman Center. He has welcomed us all with open arms and shown us the love, the joy, and the peace of Jesus Christ. He has spent countless hours with students and their families, assisting us however he can, and going above and beyond the call of duty to perfect his wonderful ministry.

He is truly a priest “In Persona Christi” (In the person of Christ) and I know that all my fellow students at the Newman Center would attest to the same. His open arms welcome us all every time he sees us, and the love and the joy he shows to us all define him. I have told many of my friends that the one thing I will miss when I enter Seminary next year is the Newman Center, and in large part I thank Father Greg for that. I have found my true happiness in the Lord with him at my side. I could not be prouder of him than I am for all that he’s done, and I know that as I go on, we will remain close friends. He is my brother in Christ, and there is nothing that could break the bond we’ve formed in just a short year, because it is grounded in Jesus Christ, as is all that Father Greg stands for. Love you man. We’ll always stand strong for you.


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