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Holy Thursday Homily Changed His Life

April 5, 2013

Exactly one year ago, one of my best friends from home passed away in a car accident. Having never experienced something of that nature yet in my life I was left aimless and felt alone.

 I had started to go back to church a few months prior but for reasons I did not know. I had not been to mass for years up until that point but I was just going to go through the motions it seemed. However when my friend passed on Holy Thursday last year, a close friend of mine encouraged me to go to the service that night. I felt inconsolable but still decided that I should make the effort to go. When Father Greg gave the homily that night, he talked about a personal passing in his family. As his homily went on, all the emotions he said he felt during that time was what was exactly going on with me right then. He talked about how we must thank God for the time we have spent with loved ones and never forget the memories we made with them. By the end of the homily I had tears rolling down my face. However the tears were not from sadness but rather joy for being able to spend the time I had with my friend and all the good times we had. I had a new perspective on death and one that made me be able to comprehend it much better.

It would be 6 months until I could thank him for sharing that story and how it helped me in my time of despair. After his homily I made the resolve to get confirmed and started  RCIA last September. Through RCIA I got to know Father Greg better and I could finally thank him for helping me, even though he did not know I existed at that point. Father Greg has turned, for me, into a friend I can go to with any problem I might have. I am looking forward to having Father Greg around to help me continue my journey after Confirmation in the Catholic Church.

I will never forget that homily and I will always be eternally grateful for him being in my life.


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