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International Student Finds Home Away from Home at Newman

April 5, 2013

I am an international student in my freshman year at GW. Ever since I came here I looked for groups of Catholics that would make me feel home and remind me of family but honestly I always felt uncomfortable or not identified. Arriving to the Newman center was a whole new story. During the week of finals I decided to attend mass there for the first time. I immediately felt at home. The Newman Center is a house for students where most people would enjoy being. I am positive this feeling comes from Fr. Greg’s caring personality and love for others he innately carries within him. I had been wanting to do confession for a while but before getting to the Newman Center I had decided I was not going to do it with a priest I didn’t really know and felt comfortable speaking with. These misconceptions absolutely went away when mass ended and Fr. Greg approached me without letting me leave and invited me to share dinner with him and the great group of students that make part of GW Catholics. This might not be a breathtaking story but I wanted to share what it felt like to find a place for a foreigner to be at home. Fr. Greg has created a refuge and home for a great number of students who seek nothing but love and service to God.


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