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“My father had been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer…. Father Greg drove 9 hours”

April 5, 2013

On December 20th, I learned, just in time to fly home after finals, that my father had been diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer that had metastasized on his liver. By the day after Christmas, he was being checked into the hospital and I was told to prepare myself for the fact that he most likely would only have a few weeks to live. After telling Father Greg the news, he cancelled his plans and drove 9 hours through the night to keep me and my younger brother company for New Years while my parents stayed in the hospital during this difficult time. During the 24 hours that he was with us, Father Greg also was able to celebrate Mass with my family and give my father a blessing with Lourdes water. I will never forget or be able to truly express my gratitude for the selflessness and charity he showed by coming to be with my family over this past Christmas break.
And in case you were wondering – scans show that my father’s liver has drastically improved to the point that doctors cannot completely explain, which is truly nothing short of a miracle.


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