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“Never Judgmental, but Kindly Firm”

April 5, 2013
I already liked and admired Father Greg -I loved hearing his homilies every sundays and daily mass, and even though I thought he was really cool and relatable, in my mind he was still “just” a priest. And I had never thought one could be close to a priest, I thought they were just there for Confession and celebrating Mass. One day Father Greg came to bless my dorm room, I expected it to be really awkward because I didn’t know him and frankly had never spent one-on-one time with a priest outside of Confession. Having my room blessed was the best thing I ever did because it allowed me to get to know Father Greg a little better. I can honestly say it was a blessing from God. He knew I was going to need Father Greg to make it through the semester. Not too long after that I found myself randomly approaching him at dinner after the Student Mass. I told him I just needed to talk to him for “a few minutes”, but next thing I know I had confessed half of my life to him and to my embarrassment was bawling uncontrollably. He hugged me, calmed me down and right away made an appointment with me to talk for as long as I needed to the next day.
That was the beginning of countless meetings of me crying, laughing with him and questioning my faith and actions…Can’t even begin to count all the texts I’ve randomly sent him asking him questions, discussing problems, etc. He has been there through everything. He has listened when I just needed to blabber on and on about how I was feeling, given advice when I asked for it or he himself saw I needed it, called me out on actions that I didn’t realize were hurting me through the sins I was committing, and most importantly brought me closer to God by showing me His love. Never judgmental, but kindly firm.
 He keeps helping me in my journey of Faith and I know I can turn to him whenever I need to, for anything. This campus is lucky to have him, and my words don’t do justice to how grateful I feel to have him in my life. Without him I would have never begun to live out my faith nor had the courage of stating my beliefs to my friends. Best advice he gave me was to keep seeking Christ and not be afraid or embarrassed of standing up for my religious beliefs, even if persecuted for them. I love you Father. Thank you for everything.

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