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“Thanks Father, love you.”

April 5, 2013

Once I felt really guilty about all of the sins I’ve ever committed, and it was like 2AM on a Friday and I randomly called up Father Greg. I don’t even know why. I was a freshman and I wasn’t even that Catholic yet. I dialed his number because I found his business card in the chapel. And he answered and I was sobbing like a little baby and he didn’t even know who I was but he met me at the Foggy Bottom metro and we talked and he got me Confession. It was cool because I had a ton of really bad sins and he was cool about it – he taught exactly what Christ taught with His words, and I felt all ready to start a “new life”. And then I started seeing him all around campus and stuff and I thought things would be awkward because I just like Confession-called him and he went out of his way to help a girl he didn’t even know. So. Thanks Father, love you.


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