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“Welcome Home”

April 5, 2013

Last February, I sat in my dorm room and cried. I was halfway through my sophomore year at GW, and by all accounts was having success. Yet I felt an emptiness-a restlessness- that I could not shake. After going to Catholic schools all my life, my faith had failed to travel with me to Washington. I decided I needed to find my way back to the Truth, and figured the Newman Center was the best way to do so.


I found myself in the chapel one Friday evening, sitting in front of Jesus in the Eucharist. I was overcome with a sense of love; truly I was in the holy presence of God. Father Greg, whom I did not know well, was across the hall in the next room hearing confessions. I hesitated, not knowing how this priest would respond when I told him that it had been over four years since my last penance.  By the grace of God, I summoned up some courage, walked into that room and, with a trembling voice, laid bare my soul.


Father Greg’s first words, as I sat there a broken but redeemed man?


“Welcome home.”


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