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“I found the truest manifestation of the Church of Jesus Christ”

April 6, 2013

I came to George Washington as a grad student, not knowing a soul on campus.  I lived off campus, and likely would never have entered the Newman Center if not to grab dinner on Tuesday nights before classes.  What I thought would be a free meal every week turned into the most profound religious education of my life.  And this was because of Father Greg.

Above all else, I learned from Father Greg the central importance of the Eucharist.  Even though I had gone to church my whole life, I scarcely understood what it meant until he constantly explained what it was and how central it was to the faith.  It was from that that all of the goodness of the Newman Center flowed.  It was under Father Greg’s influence that I first attended Eucharistic Adoration, went to confession more than once a year, and attended Bible study.  I started coming to mass at St. Stephens on Sunday nights even though I had to take the metro to and from campus.  And under Father Greg, the community at the Newman Center was nothing like I had ever experienced.  I had never been around so many young people who were excited to be Catholic.  I had never been in a place where God’s presence was so obvious.

As it is written, “you will know them by their fruits”.  The spiritual fruit that Father Greg has harvested at the Newman Center is plain to see. In my brief time at GW, I knew multiple young men who entered the seminary.  I saw mass attendance increase significantly.  I saw a series of students come in as goofy freshmen and become true disciples of Christ.

I came to the Newman Center looking for a free meal, and I found the truest manifestation of the Church of Jesus Christ that I have ever witnessed.  All thanks to Father Greg.


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