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GW Mother Thanks Fr. Greg

April 7, 2013

The last thing before my daughter boarded the plane on her route to George Washington University was having her blessed by a priest.  We were very happy weeks later to know that she had found a Catholic Church and a priest that she thought she could relate to.  I have never met Father Gregg before but I hear his name almost every week from my daughter.

With her being far away from home it is very good to know she can find a place that is “home away from home”.  When we are not there to give her immediate guidance she finds that guidance with Father Gregg.  We have trusted that she would be kept safe on all the missionary trips and have gotten nothing but excellent responses and of course the picturesof the trips dont lie.

My daughter is very much an introvert so it was so important that she had someone with whom she could depend on and a place to feel comfortable while she was away from home. She never wanted to miss going to Newman Center and looked forward to going there everyweek.  It is so important that our child be able to practice her faith and to find comfort in the same place as where she gets her education.


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