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International Student disagree with some Church teachings, but appreciates Fr. Greg

April 7, 2013

When I met father Greg I was angry about the way the Archdiocese of DC was presenting the Church’s teachings on abortion. I had heard father Greg defending these teachings during a mass and I was enraged.

I didn’t know father Greg personally so I wrote to him a very rude e-mail saying everything that I couldn’t understand in his teachings. I was expecting a defensive reaction, but instead he thanked me, he thanked me for opening myself and expressing my thoughts. Instead of arguing back he just loved me and understood my anger and pain.

Through father Greg I met God’s love and forgiveness. For months, he dedicated one hour of his extremely busy week just to listen to me. I was a foreigner and not a GW student, and yet he was there. Father Greg’s kindness changed my life.

One time, during his vacation, I was desperate, having a real tough night, it was late, but I texted him asking for a prayer. He offered to open the church to me in the middle of the night just so I could be with Jesus during that hard time. I couldn’t go there so he prayed and talked to me until things were better. I will never forget that night.

I still don’t fully agree or understand all of the teachings from the Church, but I will always stand for father Greg, because I know that he would never disrespect or discriminate anyone based on his or her believes. Au contraire, he is the most compassionate non-judgmental person that I have ever met.

Padre Greg, you can always count on my prayers all the way from South America! Thank you for everything you’ve done for me!


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