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“…this gay Catholic very much appreciates all of his efforts”

April 10, 2013

As I was down at the tidal basin yesterday looking at the cherry blossoms, I found myself in front of a group of GW undergrads.  There were about 8-10 girls, and they were discussing Fr. Greg’s situation.  Most of the girls sounded Catholic, although none seemed particularly religious or close to him.  Their discussion was thoughtful and initially involved differing viewpoints.  As I eavesdropped, more began to feel sympathetic towards Fr. Greg as they began discussing the details of the situation.  By the end, all of them really felt passionately that he is the victim of an unfair smear campaign.  Those girls probably won’t vocally support Fr. Greg in a public way, but they seemed like solid representatives of the GW student body

I remember Fr. Greg when he was a seminarian intern for the Church at which I attended Mass and I became interested in the situation after hearing a radio blurb.  I later picked up a copy of The Hatchet.  As a gay member of the Church, it made me proud that Fr. Greg invested in individuals with a known same-sex attraction and went out of his way to make them at home within the organization.  It should be tremendously reassuring to gay students that they are welcome at the Newman Center and that Fr. Greg’s openness extends way beyond distant politeness.  I am also puzzled as to how a student so devoted to Catholicism can leave and join a schismatic church.  I wonder how that must make Fr. Greg feel, after over a year of sharing close experiences with him. 

I only identify myself as a gay Catholic for the purpose of showing support for Fr. Greg.  In truth, I cringe when politics and religion are too closely intertwined.   I find it insulting that a priest within my Church is being persecuted for the sake of gay rights.  Just like the GW students at the tidal basin, I don’t fit the profile of a piously devout Catholic who never questions the church’s teachings.  Yet, we all are bound by our support for Fr. Greg.  He also has my prayers.  I hope that Fr. Greg emerges stronger and with the knowledge that this gay Catholic very much appreciates all of his efforts.    


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