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Father Greg Shaffer is the Chaplain at the Newman Center at GWU. During our time as students, we have all turned to him during difficult times and he has always welcomed us with open arms. No matter what sins we bring to his feet, he has been there to help with a Christ-like compassion and love. Even when we feel as though the rest of the world has walked out, Fr. Greg is there to comfort us and to help us to overcome our challenges.

Father Greg has helped The Newman Center to become our home away from home. He has led our community to be one big family united in our faith in God and our desire to live out the joy of The Gospel.

This site is dedicated to publishing student accounts of their positive interactions with Father Greg and The Newman Center.

To submit, please email with a testimony. If you would like to post anonymously, I will certainly respect that request.

This site is not authorized by Father Greg Shaffer, The Newman Center, GW Catholics, or the Archdiocese of Washington.

  1. Crystal Miller permalink

    Prayers going up for Father Shaffer!!! The Bible clearly states that homosexuality and abortion is a sin and I love to hear of people sticking up for our beliefs and not conforming to the today’s society.

  2. Carmen permalink

    I live in Puerto Rico and just read this information and my opinion is the same as the Church: “The Catholic Church welcomes everyone. The teachings, however, are not tailored to an individual’s personal beliefs,” it continues. “Thus, priests have a commitment to educate people in the truths of our faith, regardless of the current cultural trend.” I thank God for the priests that have the courage to educate in the truth like this Father Greg Shaffer and for his good students that created this blog and stands up not only for him but for the truth!

    • Heidi Gervasini permalink

      Awesome comment…couldn’t have said it better myself. God Bless.

  3. Jim permalink

    Thank you Father Greg for spealing truth to power.

    • Timothy Patrick permalink

      Father Greg introduced my family and I to Adoration of our Lord. We are very thankful for having him that summer at St. John’s, Hollywood! God Bless and keep all the students at GW.

  4. Mary Kuziel permalink

    I will pray for you – Thank you for your courage and example. God keep you in His care.

  5. Roger and Linda Kriegbaum permalink

    We support Father Greg.

  6. Thank you for your life of selflessness and sacrifice Father. We all have to fight the tendency to seeking our own pleasure so much of the time. When we do though, we contradict those who have other goals in mind. Sacrificial love will lead to true joy though. Keep the faith!

  7. Tony Swanson permalink

    God bless you, Father, for standing for the Truth! We will be praying for you. Keep the faith!

  8. Grover permalink

    We are praying for you Father and keep up the good fight! Our Lady is with you!

  9. Timothy Patrick permalink

    Just this past Friday during Adoration I read the prayer of St. Francis. I was praying for these students and for Father Greg. I was hoping that he would know this prayer, I believe he lives it! Thank you all for the kind and measured words you have used in supporting our priest.

  10. Naomi Shubert permalink

    I am a Protestant evangelical, but I stand with and support this brave priest. He is an inspiration to us all to stand up for what we know to be right in the face of persecution. Ich bin ein Catholic.

  11. Just read article about this situation on Women of Grace & I say “GOD BLESS FATHER GREG!” I’m praying for you & I’m praying the college keeps him & doesn’t ‘oust’ him… More of us need to stand up to gay, pro-abortion & all of the things that’s breaking down our society… I don’t understand how there’s supposedly such a small fraction of the gay population, but millions of Christians, so how have so many laws been changed in their favor & in the favor of abortion? The evil one, that’s how!
    We have to take back our country… Fight for our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS! Hallelujah & Amen!

  12. Max permalink

    Thank you Fr. Greg for your priestly ministry!

  13. otisrj permalink

    By all means we should stand upon God’s word. God does not sit behind a negotiating table. He has already spoken. And His word never fails and is full of hope and compassion. He addresses sin and provides redemption…but we must receive that redemption on His terms. Any minister that stands firm on God’s word will be ridiculed, but he will indeed be honored. My hope is for continued support from the students and community

  14. Anne Marie Brown permalink

    May God bless Father Shaffer with strength and clarity as he continues his mission and voices the Lord’s truth.

  15. What is happening to this faithful priest s outrageous. This demonstrates the danger of legalizing gay marriage. Persecution of people of faith will come of it.

  16. Helen F. Stanbro, M. Phil. permalink

    My husband and I are GWU alumni both for our undergraduate and graduate degrees. I was saddened to hear about this controversy. Blessings to Fr. Shaffer for staying true to the teachings of the Church, not only about gay marriage but also about charity. I hope the university will ultimately come down on the side of free speech and freedom of religion and not punish this priest for following his conscience and his duty as a representative of the Catholic Church.

  17. permalink

    Thank you Fr. Shaffer! May God Almighty bless you with the strength, patience and perseverance necessary to bear this cross; leading Catholics, and others, towards the Truth, the Way and the Life. You are loved.

  18. Peter Skinner permalink

    God bless Fr Shaffer and Cardinal Wuerl and the sooner the Pope consecrates Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady the better off the Catholic Church will be. God won’t be mocked

  19. Kevin permalink

    Prayer, love and respect for this loyal son! May the Eternal High Priest strengthen him and continue to bless his ministry. Respect from a Catholic in Japan!

  20. Heidi Gervasini permalink

    Thank you Father Greg Shaffer, for teaching the true faith. God Bless you.

  21. Ernie Todd permalink

    God bless you Father Shaffer for the courage of being a Catholic preist who is truly Catholic and, more importantly, voval about it.

  22. Dympna Kearns permalink

    Keep up the good work Father,and may God protect and strengthen you. Holy Michael the Archangel defend all our good priests!

  23. Jenn permalink

    Thank you so much, Fr. Shaffer, for your courageous witness!!!! We have too many wimps in the church these days. God bless you abundantly for your faithfulness!

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